Case Studies


Bankruptcy Case Study #1

Mark and Laura are married with two children aged 16 and 10. They live in a house valued at £200,000 with a £160,000 mortgage, which has 20 years to run. They also owe around £85,000 on credit cards and loans. The loan, mortgage and credit card repayments total £1,800 per month, which is proving impossible to meet from their family monthly income of £2,400. They calculate that they currently have around £250 per month more going out than coming in.

Bankruptcy will mean the loss of the home to repay debts. They would be better looking at an IVA to repay debts at an affordable level for 60 months and protecting their family home.

VerdictBankruptcy may not be as attractive an option as it first seems even though the debt is wiped clean.